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These pages will be updated/modified when new photos become available or
when we feel inclined to do so :-)

Family members consist of:

Our eldest, Jake (that's Jake, not Jacob), born 06/1996
Our youngest, Lydia, born 12/1997
The wife, Michelle
And yours truly, Graeme

Click on the thumbnail to see the full size image. Most of these are video captures, so they're not that big anyway.

My most favourite game!!!
Jake aged about 7mths.

Our most favourite comic book!!!
Myself and Jake, he's about 7mths here.

Anyone worried about bad influences, this was a posed for shot.
Jake doesn't normally let me read his books.

My most favourite sleeping partner!!!
Jake at about 6mths.

My most favourite fast food!!
Jake at about 7mths.

My most American relatives!!!
Jake at about 6mths, seen here with his aunty (daddies sister) and uncle around Christmas 1996.

My first Christmas!!!
Jake at about 6mths, Christmas 1996.

My most favourite parents!!!
Jake at about 6mths.

I wonder if there's something in here for me???
Jake at 18mths.

Who do you think your looking at???
Jake at 18mths.

This used to be my bed!!!
Jake at 18mths.

Jake at 18mths.

Last minute Christmas shopping, again!!!
Jake at 18mths, His second Christmas.

These plastic grapes look yummy!!!
Jake at 18mths.

Got to get that dinner done!!!
Jake at 18mths.

Is Grandad going to play baseball on Christmas Day???
Jake at 18mths.

My Nanny!!!
Jake at 18mths.

No white Christmas this year either!!!!
Jake at 18mths.

Are you taking the P!$$ out of me???
Jake at 19mths.

If you don't let me out of here, I'm going to eat my hand!!!
Jake at 19mths.

OK, only joking!!!
Jake at 19mths.

See, you can get two in here!!!
Jake at 19mths with our friends boy Ryker at just over 2yrs old.

My Birthday!!!
Lydia aged about 7mins.

My first photo call!!!
Lydia at about 20mins.

The bit of me they throw away!!!
What's left of the placenta, view this at your own risk.

My Daddy!!!
Lydia at about 25mins.

In the Blue (or should that be Red) corner, weighing in at 8lb 5oz!!!
Lydia's undignified first vital statistic.

Will someone please switch that light out???
Lydia at about 12hrs.

A nice close-up!!!
Lydia at about 1 day.

Proud Mum!!!
Lydia at about 1 day.

Haven't we seen this outfit before???
Lydia at 2 weeks, Her first Christmas.

My first vibrator!!!
Lydia at 2 weeks, The chair oscillates gently.
Actually this chair was a present for Jake last year. It didn't work on him, but it does on Lydia.

Sleeping like a baby!!!
Lydia at 2 weeks.

My Daddy got me this dress for Christmas!!!
Lydia at 2 weeks.

Carol's our friend!!!
Nanny's kitchen on Christmas day 1997.

Grandad, or should that be Grandma???
Christmas day 1997.

Our family Christmas dinner!!!
Christmas day 1997.
Christmas is probably the only time we have a family dinner these days.

Bring forth the Pud!!!
Christmas day 1997.
The pud is on fire, Promise.

Mummy can't take the pace!!!
Boxing day 1997.

I'm not scared of a Conger Eel!!!
Especially when it's behind an inch of glass plate.
This is Jeff, one of my closest friends and the Best Man at our wedding.

I'm not scared of it either!!!
My brave and fearless wife Michelle.
She must be brave to marry me.

Don't make me larf!!!
Jeff again with his wife Kate and 2yr old son Ryker.

Was it something I said???
Jeff's mother Maureen.

I guess somebody else has to think he's cute!!!
Maureen and Jake hit it off.
The fella at the back is Jeff's younger brother Mick.

There's one. There's another one!!!
Jeff and his father Bob pondering (pun intended) the where's and whyfores of
fishy life.

The laughing tearaway!!!
Ryker, still bloody laughing.

After the SeaLife Centre!!!
A fish 'n chip supper what else. What's better than gobbling down the relatives of the creatures you've just been admiring.
Jeff and his family.

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